Prajnya Bangera – Sunset shoot

Nov 6th, 2016

First blog post. And its my sister, Prajnya Bangera, who features in it! It was Diwali, the festival of lights, and she was getting ready to meet her friends. And that was when we both noticed that the sunset was so beautiful. So I grabbed my camera, we went to the building terrace and clicked a few pics. And she was surprisingly patient throughout the shoot :). One lens, one camera, zero flashes, one very co-operative sister-model and BOOM!

Prajnya - Portrait

The sunlight lit up her pretty face beautifully. I was also helped by the fact that I was shooting during the golden hour, the best time of the day.


We used the sun as a backlight in this image and it gave a nice soft golden glow to her hair.


This last image was taken when the sun had almost set. And it also happens to be Prajnya’s favourite image. It was a short photo-session, but was loads of fun nevertheless. Based on her response, it looks like it wont be the only shoot with Prajnya and there could be more to come. Stay tuned 🙂